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We can assist with all the repair, maintenance, service and installation of all commercial hot water systems.

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Cheapa Hot Water are the Bega Valley & the Sapphire Coast commercial hot water specialists. Our licensed commercial plumbers can undertake every aspect of your hot water system repair and replacement requirements including ongoing service and maintenance. 

Our trucks carry thousands of spare parts and replacement tanks ready to resolve your hot water problems today!  Our maintenance contracts give you peace of mind with 7 day emergency call-out service on all gassolar and electric hot water systems.

If your current commercial HWS is beyond repair or is not providing enough hot water for your requirements, we can replace it with a new, energy-efficient, heavy-duty, commercial hot water system. Our hot water specialists will advise you of the choices available and calculate what system is best suited to your requirements giving you trouble free hot water for many years to come.

Our qualified, fully licensed commercial specialists have over 20 years industry experience and are up to date with the latest energy-saving technology available in the commercial sector.

No need to outsource to multiple trades

Did you know that the installation and repair of a hot water system often requires the experience and qualifications of both a licensed plumber AND a licensed electrician.  Our team are qualified to undertake any plumbing and electrical work required to complete the installation or repair of all hot water systems. Plumbers who are not hot water specialists may need to outsource aspects of the work required to another tradesperson, thereby holding up the process and adding extra expense.

We do not employ contractors to undertake any work. All work is guaranteed to be completed by one of our licensed hot water plumbers giving you peace of mind you’re in expert hands.

Preferred suppliers for the leading hot water brands

We are the preferred hot water service technicians for all leading brands including Rheem, Solahart, Rinnai, Dux, Aquamax, Apricus, Vulcan, Bosch, Everhot, Solahart, ConergyEdwards Solar and many more.

We are a local business and pride ourselves on reliable, professional service that you can count on.

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Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems

A commercial solar system normally involves a mix of both solar and conventional water heating, with the size of the latter being sufficient to provide all the hot water demands for the project under the most adverse weather conditions expected. In most states of Australia, it is now normal for design engineers in both private organisations and government to thoroughly investigate the feasibility of solar water heating for all new projects. For heavy duty or industrial applications, Rheem Commercial can now offer two basic types of systems that will meet the demands of most hot water applications.

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Commercial Gas Hot Water Systems

Rheem commercial gas hot water heaters (heavy duty) have been designed to be used whenever large quantities of hot water are required. The cylinder is protected by multiple anodes and a double layer of vitreous enamel provides long life protection. Multi-fin technology and electronic ignition is included on the indoor and outdoor 265 & 275 models. The Multi-fin tube technology is at the heart of Rheem revolutionary design which has optimised fin positioning and increased flue surface area. This means more horsepower with increased thermal efficiency for less space. So, if you require a water heater which is flexible, efficient and economical to run, the Rheem Heavy Duty model is for you.

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Commercial Electric Hot Water Systems

With an hourly recovery rate of up to 620 litres of hot water @ 50°C rise, the Rheem commercial electric range (heavy duty) has been designed to be used whenever a large quantity of hot water is required. The Heavy Duty electric range is suitable for both indoor and/or outdoor installations.

The cylinder is constructed from a special grade of steel and protected by two coats of a specially developed vitreous enamel and a larger, thicker anode. CFC free polyurethane foam insulation ensures heat losses are kept to a minimum. For high temperature applications such as sanitising, the Rheem Heavy Duty models have thermostats adjustable to 82°C

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Commercial Hot Water System Maintenance and Service

To maintain optimal performance of any commercial HWS, and to ensure the UV system is achieving the correct level of disinfection, it’s important to service it regularly.

Each component of your commercial hot water UV system has a recommended replacement schedule to ensure optimal performance.

Below is an example of a recommended commercial hot water UV maintenance schedule

UV lamps

Recommended replacement time : annually (8,000 – 16,000 hours depending on type)

UV disinfection organisations promote their UV lamps as having a particular lamp life.

Although a UV lamp may appear to be working past its lamp life, its disinfection capability decreases due to a reduction in generated UV-C light. In general, a UV lamp’s intensity at the end of its lamp life has been reduced by 20% compared to a new lamp.

In addition to UV lamps being replaced, controller lamp timers need to be reset and UV intensity monitors need to be re-calibrated where applicable.

Quartz sleeves

Recommended replacement time : every 2 years

The condition of a quartz sleeve plays a vital role in how well the UV light can penetrate the water or liquid.

A dirty quartz sleeve blocks UV light from reaching the water, reducing the UV intensity in the UV reactor, resulting in a decreased UV dose. This increases the likelihood of pathogens passing through the UV reactor and not being adequately treated which is especially dangerous in potable or food and beverage applications. Quartz sleeves may become dirty to the point that they cannot be cleaned after 2 years and they also become brittle.

It must be noted that quartz sleeves should be inspected at regular intervals during the initial operation of a new hot water system. This will give an indication of the cleaning frequency required and will establish if further pre-treatment is required to prevent quartz sleeve fouling. Another indication of a potentially fouled quartz sleeve is a UV intensity monitor. A drop in UV intensity may indicate a dirty quartz sleeve.

Quartz O-ring seals

Recommended replacement time : annually

The O-ring that creates the seal to prevent water from entering the quartz sleeve needs replacing each time the quartz sleeve is removed for cleaning.

This should be annually as a minimum requirement.

Failing to replace the O-ring will increase the chances of water reaching the lamp, resulting in lamp failure.

Depending on the system model, there may also be additional service actions required such as replacing quartz wiper blades. Manuals provided for each UV system model must always be followed.

For more information about commercial hot water system service and maintenance, contact our hot water specialists on 0416 182 124 for assistance.

We provide reliable commercial hot water service and maintenance solutions for housing estates, retirement villages and businesses across all Bega Valley & the Sapphire Coast and Sydney suburbs.

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